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#Taiwan Born #UX Designer #Rock Climber #Mecanical Engineer

I did not realize I was doing UX when I created my first UX work in 2018.

As a mechanical engineer, I love DIY. I can build a climbing robot and a karimba from scratch.

During the 2018 summer, I proposed to an inn in China's Lijian Old Town that I can design a lantern as a welcoming gift for its guests.

"I love your lantern idea," the inn gladly invited me to fly over 1300 miles.

Wait, did I just mention design? When it comes to design, I believe teamwork makes perfect.
I invited one of Taiwan's best UI designers, Xiao Wang, to join my journey. Through errors and trials with limited local materials, the lanterns were born. 

Lijian is known as the City of Encounter (豔遇之都), and I hope the lantern will always remind the guests of the incredible stories they encountered at Lijian. I love the way how my lantern design brings joy and care to the guests.


To this day, the lanterns are still lighting up the inn every night.

To me, I have found my passion in creating user experiences ever since.


I hurt my ankle so bad during a climb in 2020 that I had to crutch for months.


I learned how unfriendly the physical and virtual spaces our society has created are for disabled people, and I have since then decided to think from "the minority-first perspective" in my design, leveraging the accessibility and equity for disabled people.


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