Reusable Cup Rental System

UX Design/Research

The rich marine ecology of Green Island and the unique marine culture of Orchid Island have attracted thousands of tourists every summer. While tourists brings business, waste follows. There is no disposal plant on the islands, so shipping the waste to Taiwan is the only way to deal with the waste. However, some chose to dump it into the ocean for their convenience. Until now, you can see plastic piles in the ocean around the islands.

I am aware of the plastic pollution, and I have cooperated with Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau, which has jurisdiction over these outlying islands, to design a reusable cup rental system.

Here's how the system works. With a self-service rental machine at the port, the only entrance and exit of the island, we encourage tourists to use the reusable cup throughout their trip. In order to let tourists understand why they should use this reusable cup and what difference can they make, we put the transparent information such as how much plastic waste we save so far with the rental system and how bad the plastic pollution is on the island or in the entire world.

The incentive for tourists? The project is sponsored by the government, so it is completely free to rent the cup. Also, if tourists use the cup to buy drinks, they get an extra discount. When tourists leave the island, they can easily return the cup at the rental machine.

Through the rental system, we hope to reach two goals -- reduce plastic pollution little by little and educate people on how they can devote themselves to environmental protection with little effort. 

The project was postponed due to the pandemic but will hopefully launch in November.