Almost Website Redesign

A media outlet covering world news for young women

We respect readers' time and only show quality content that caters to their interests.

Conducted interviews on young readers, built journey map, designed user flow and wireframes, created prototype, and conducted usability testing .


Almost is an Instagram-first media outlet focused on world news stories for young people. Our top viewed news has gained more than one million views on social media. I built the official website in early 2021, gaining more than 2,000 monthly view in four months. In the post-pandemic era, the way we interact with each other has completely shifted, and we lose physical connection with people. This project aims at creating a "humane" media website that brings caring to the readers.

The Team

Wendy (Me) - UX Designer/Researcher

Christine - Project Manager

Kassy - Founder


Oct. 2021 (1 mon)

Orginal Website

Redesigned Website (Prototype)


My Role - UX Designer/Researcher

My Design Process

Deisgn Process_1.png


Problem Space

A glimpse into the problem we are trying to solve

solidarity (1).png

How might we

make young readers feel cared and resonated with our website and news?

We can empower

readers control over content and layout showing on the website!

laptop (1).png

Understand the access control industry and empathize with users



In order to understand our readers, I conducted website traffic analysiscompetitive analysis, interviews, and created journey map.

Website Traffice Analysis

(1) Audience Overview


Based on the scatter chart, the traffic had continued to grow after I built the website in April. In August, the traffic reached its peak due to the 2020 Olympics and stopped growing after the game. From the pie chart, 94.3% of the readers are the new visitors.


Almost only attracts one-time visitors when there is a hot topic.

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 2.06.31 PM.png

(2) User Flow


97% of the readers do not interact with other Almost's post. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 2.25.07 PM.png

Competitive Analysis


Almost website does not properly categorize content.

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 2.47.12 PM.png

Journey Map

During the interviews, I asked the readers to show me how they read news on the media they use to use in daily life and on Almost, and I created the journey maps to understand their feelings.


Almost's content on homepage is disordered and does not cater to readers' taste.

journey map_NYT.png
journey map_Almost.png

Identify user's pain based on the research and specify the design requirements




Pain Points

Readers don't/can't find all the content interesting in a short time 

dart (1).png


  • Add filter to hide the content the readers are not interested in

  • Add conspicuous accessibility setting that enables a diversity of readers to be engaged

  • Create finite scroll to maximize the content quality by prioritizing the most relevant content

Empower personalization

Create flowchart and wireframe




User Flow

user flow 1.png

click the image to view

Low-fi Wireframe

I believe that a good design serves the minority first. If a design can satisfy the minority’s needs, it will satisfy the majority. Thus, I design an accessbility setting notification that will pop up as the readers enter the website. The notification will ask if the reader would like to customize the accessibility setting before he/she starts the reading journey.

low-fi wireframe.png

Create rapid-prototype and conduct A/B testing


Prototype and Test


This time I made a playful and interactive prototype.


A/B Testing

I asked the participant to try two different filters.

A_B testing.png

"The filter is great! I always don't want to read XXX related news."

- Sunny, 24


The reader like to exclude content that does not meet their taste.


"I prefer A filter, because B covers some content and slow down my reading pace."


The reader wants to learn the information fast.

Adjust user flow and wireframe



High-fi Wireframe

After user testing, I came back and re-adjust my design.

Greeting Pop-Up

nice to meet you.png

Content Filter


Conspicuous Accessibility Setting

Homepage_A11y Setting.png

Finite Scroll

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 1.30.01 AM.png


I was inspired by Jon Yablonski's Humane by Design, a guide for creating humane digital applications. With these designs, I hope to make our readers feel their time is respected by being exposed to quality and relevant content.