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You can host, join, and enjoy exclusive digital experiences to accompany the in-person or virtual events, with Mixby.

Texas Immersive Lab, in which I worked as a fellow, cooperated with Artifact Technologies and the Odigo Group to develop and launch Mixby, a micro-social networking platform based on photo sharing that will integrate in-person and digital experiences for 2022 SXSW event attendees. 

My Role - UX Designer

1. Integrate UX Discussion

I created the flow chart, the team alignment map, and the bulletin board on Miro to help 10 team members in different cities efficiently communicate UI/UX issues they figure while testing the app. I personally love the bulletin board the most, for creativity should not be limited under any frame.

2. User Testing

Before officially launching Mixby in 2022 SXSW, our team is currently organizing to test the app during local events on different scales and in three aspects - music, film, and art.